New website, who dis?

Here at the Liz Dexic camp we are turning it up to 11. But before you run up the wall in aimless excitement, get the facts.

If you're reading this, you are on our NEW WEBSITE! The previous site was perfectly functional and merely a spring chicken, however we want to get our name out there beyond the digital space.

Yep, you guessed it: LIZ DEXIC MERCH. Choose from tees, hoodies, mugs, prints and more. Our initial line-up has just been released, but keep an eye on our socials for future designs and merch types.

Our merch suppliers are all Australian-based, with products either produced or fulfilled in Australia.

In today's stream-centric world, the best way to support music artists is through merch. If you have an inkling to become our human billboard, head to the Merch section and see what grabs you!

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